22nd August Wednesday by Katherine

We just had our last session with one of our students today. She brought us a delicious homemade lunch to share; gochisousamadeshita ~! 🙇
-Katherine @katherinegehrke
Not all 7/11 shops are open 24 hours.
hard / difficult
It is difficult to find a super market in big cities.
There are many super markets in small cities.
We eat the skin of the fruit.
What kind of Japanese ice cream do you like?
Sorbet is ice cream without milk.
I have never eaten a ginger biscuit.
Tim Tam Slam
I want to see Lachie do a Tim Tam Slam!
She sells sea shells...
(...by the sea shore but the sea shells she sells aren't sea shells i'm sure)
A proper copper coffee pot
See (ts like a drum cymbal)
I like apple tea, but it's a little sweet.
I like hot tea, but I also like milk tea.
I sort of like dogs. / I like dogs a little.
I speak a little bit of Japanese.
When did you study Japanese?
No, I don't like English.
Do you....? Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
What do you ..(do).. on ..(time)..?
What do you eat on weekends?
What do you do on Saturday? / What do you usually do on Saturday?
A: I go shopping.
What will you do on Saturday? / What are you doing on Saturday?
A: I will go shopping.
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The English Club

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