29th August 

August 29
They just went out 
busy 忙しい
She can't be here
I can't swim
can できる
can't できない
deep 深い
I mixed barley and rice 
to put into 入れる
to mix 混ぜる
Where have you travel?
Last year I went to Italy, Hawaii and around Japan
around あちこち
Did you like Italy?
Do you have brothers?
I have two brothers and one sister
I am close with my cousin / cousins 
foreigners 外国人
not as hot
less hot than Honshu
Which kind of sport do you like?
month 月
hour 時

The English Club

The English Clubでは国際交流館としてゲストハウス、シェアハウス運営の他、岡山県備前市を中心に過疎化防止の為の地域再生、国籍、年齢、性別を超えて繋がる事の出来る国際交流事業を運営しています。


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