September 2nd with Nicola

September 2nd with Nicola
Cattle = a group of cows
Cattle sounds like kettle.
Example: Does your father have cattle?
Single and Plural
Single - シングル
Plural - 複数
1 Cookie = single
2 Cookies = Plural (add an “s” to make it plural)
“Cattle” is already plural - do not add an “s”
Where did you go?
Q: Where did you go after you finished school?
A: After I finished studying, I visited Banff, Vancouver and Niagra Falls.
Q: Where did you go on holidays?
A: I went to….
Q: Where did you spend your last New Year holiday?
A: I was in Nara!
A: I did not have a holiday. I was working for New Years holiday.
Playful - 遊び心
My daughter is playful.
My son is playful.
I am feeling very playful.
The whale is playful.
My dog Sally is not playful anymore because she is older. 
If I go abroad, I feel playful!
When you go overseas, you do not feel embarrassed  
Can I grab... - very Australian/casual way to say “Can I have” or “May I take” or “Can I get”
Can I grab a coffee?
Let’s grab a taxi!
Can you grab my handbag?
Growing up = as a child getting older
Q: Where did you grow up? (Where did you live when you were a child)
A: I grew up in Saitama Prefecture
When I was growing up, I lived close to the ocean.
General Conversation
Hervey Bay is a good place to rest.
Hinase is a good place to rest.
Uluru - Ayers Rock
Four Wheel Drive - Yonrinkudō
Which season do you like? Summer or Winter?
I like winter because I like to snowboard. 
I do not like winter because I do not like the cold.
Does it snow in _______?
What would you prefer?
Please pick a page for us to study next week.
Topics for Next Week:
Q: When you were growing up, did you live near the ocean?
Single and Plural

Notes for Nicola:
Do up material to practice Single and Plural - game?
Do up recap summary for beginning of class next week
Next lesson schedule:
10 min - Warm up conversation. (What have you been doing this week, recap from last week)
10 min - Q: When you were growing up, did you live near the ocean?
15 min - Single vs Plural
15 min - Workbook
10 min - Wrapping up (Recap lesson, plan next week)

The English Club

The English Clubでは国際交流館としてゲストハウス、シェアハウス運営の他、岡山県備前市を中心に過疎化防止の為の地域再生、国籍、年齢、性別を超えて繋がる事の出来る国際交流事業を運営しています。


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