12th September teen session with Melodie

physics science = but sure
I have school until 4 pm.
what time do you start?When does the summer holidays start in France?
What do you do during the summer holidays?
where did you go this/last summer holidays?
part-time job アルバイト
next Monday is a public holiday 
what do you know about France?
How many times have you been to Kyoto?
There is a rock garden and there are 15 rocks. 
How many times have you played golf? 
Less than 10 times or more than ... times?
Do you have more than 10 000 Yens in the bank?
In New year, adult give money to children = otoshidama which is our tradition.

The English Club

The English Clubでは国際交流館としてゲストハウス、シェアハウス運営の他、岡山県備前市を中心に過疎化防止の為の地域再生、国籍、年齢、性別を超えて繋がる事の出来る国際交流事業を運営しています。


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