17th Sep with Nicola

Good Evening English Salon! In today's adult group session, we had a chat about what we did on the weekend, then played a little game! In this game, you pick up a card and have to make everyone else guess the word at the top without saying it! You can use the extra words as hints.
On Saturday I went to eat at a pizza shop with Nicola and Melodie.
On Saturday I took Nicola and Melodie to a pizza shop.
Where is the pizza shop?
On Sunday, I watched television program
What is it about?
It is about ...
On Sunday I cleaned the house, then my husband and I went shopping.
Groceries - 食料品
My iron broke.
On Sunday, I went to the electronics store and bought a new iron.
Last Saturday, I there was a fun event in my hometown.
Can you guess?

The English Club

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