9/18 Wednesday Night with Mathias

09/18 6:30+7:30pm session with Mathias
Question: What is your name?
Answer: My name is ___
Q: Where are you from?
Q: Which city are you from?
Q: Where do you live? 
Q: Do you still live in Bizen City?
Q: Will you still live in Bizen City in 10 year?
Q: Where do you want to live?
What do you recommend?
Guess which country I'm from?
North of France
Close to Norway! Near.
The country is.... Denmark!
Scandinavia = Denmark, Sweden & Norway.
Flying Tiger is from Denmark.
"Tiger" is play on words.
"Ti" = ten in Danish. 
Play on words = 言葉で遊ぶ
I have never been skiing.
Were you good at it?
P.E = Physical Education.
I came in third place.
I broke my wrist three years ago.
Scar = 傷跡
Do you have any scars?
Burned = やけど
Fell over.
In Denmark we have: Æ Ø Å 
Very colorful = many colors
Nice view.
Happiness = 幸福
Who did you hear?
Which band did you hear?
What is your favorite band?
Delicious = tasty
Why are people happy in Denmark?
free health care, free education school.
Why do we have it in Denmark?
40% tax.
Do all people in your country like to pay tax?
Most people like it.
Why did you come to Japan?
What is a delicious meatdish in Denmark?
Flæskesteg! Mmmm
What kind of music do you play?
When did you get married? How old were you?
Do you have any children?
How old are they?
Do they still live at home?
Do you live at home, or have you moved?
Have you ever lived by yourself?
By myself - by yourself - alone.
You never lived alone?
Why did you come to Japan?
I started in music school, on guitar.
Do you have a big party at work? 
What is your favorite beer?
Do you like dark beer, or lager (light beer)?
Which brand do you drink?
Have you ___
Have you been to Australia?
How much did you spend?
In America, what was your favorite city?
Have you tried Currywurst in Germany?
What is famous in Denmark?

The English Club

The English Clubでは国際交流館としてゲストハウス、シェアハウス運営の他、岡山県備前市を中心に過疎化防止の為の地域再生、国籍、年齢、性別を超えて繋がる事の出来る国際交流事業を運営しています。


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