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Thursday 10-11:30 session with Sam and Henry. Today we talked about wedding customs and what happens at a tea ceremony. Our student brought us a baked sweet potato treat which reminded us of American Thanksgiving, so we talked about that as well! Thank you for the treats.
Green onion
Older daughter, younger daughter
Is that a traditional outfit?
Where did the they get married at?
What are Japanese wedding customs?
Do they give speeches in Japan?
Who officiates the wedding?
In Japan, a Shinto priest officiates the wedding?
We call the wedding party a reception.
Now everyone is married. 
When you were a child, in elementary school, your aunt taught you tea ceremony. 
How does a tea ceremony work? What happens at a tea ceremony?
What do people do at a tea ceremony? 
What are the rules at a tea ceremony?
The first rule is you can't stand through the door.
Rarely I see the small door for tea ceremonies. 
Rarely = don't usually 
We rarely make rice cakes by pounding the dough.
We mostly use a machine. 
Pecan pie
I want to try turkey.
Have you tried turkey before?
We make gravy from the turkey juices. 
We have wild turkeys in Washington. 
The wild boars are sometime dangerous. Vivian chases them away.
Sam's birthday is on Thanksgiving this year. 
In America, we give each other presents on Valentines Day.
In December, people look up Valentines Day presents in magazine's. 
What is the most expensive present you have ever gotten?
A long time ago, my husband gave me a large bouquet of roses for my birthday.
How many roses did your husband give you? He gave me 50 roses. 
How long have you and your husband been together? We have been together 35 years.
How did you meet? We had an arranged marriage. 
We rarely have arranged marriages in Japan now. 
Recently, young people don't want to get married. 
Lily's brother loves his freedom.
''To each their own''. Whatever makes someone happy = to each their own.
Kneeling, to be on your knees

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