10:00 am session with Henry.

10:00 am session with Henry. Today we discussed our family histories, jazzercise, and where we have lived. 
10:00 am session with Henry. Today we discussed our family histories, jazzercise, and where we have lived. 
New words: Each, example, identical, family friends, Chlorine, lyrics, chemical, sacrificed 
You threw your husband a birthday party.
There were eight people at dinner. 
I hope it the examination goes well.
I have been living in Seattle for the past three years. Before that, I went to university in Bellingham. 
It takes one hour to drive from Bellingham to Vancouver.
What did your father do for Toyota? 
My father's job is a farmer. 
What does your brother do for Toyota? My brother is a councilor for TOyota City.
You got married in Ako when you were twenty years old. 
I divorced 12 years ago. 
I met my current husband at the pool. Were you and your husband in a swimming class together?
My favorite ways to swim are the crawl, back stroke, and butterfly. 
I used to swim a lot, but not too much anymore. Is your pool salt water or chlorine? 
We have pools in Seattle that are either chlorine, or salt water. 
Do you know the lyrics? 
I like the lyrics in the music. 
I like music with lyrics while I play volleyball. I like Lady Gaga's lyrics. 
The lyrics are the words in a song. 
Have you seen the A Star Is Born? I recommend this movie.
I went to jazzercise school in Hawaii. What island were you on? The jazzercise location was close to the zoo. 
What did you do in school?
Do you feel very healthy? 
How long is each jazzercise class? Each jazzercise class is one hour. 
Do you know the word "each"? Example
An example of exercise is running or swimming. 
Each jazzercise class is an hour. 
My mother played beach volleyball in California.
My first daughter is 40 years old. My daughters that are twins are 36. My son 35. 
Does it take three hours in the car to visit your son? No, it takes eights hours in the car to visit him. 
Are your twins identical? 
My daughters are not identical. They are different heights and have different faces. 
I have ten total grandchildren. 
My grandmother has seventeen grand children. My grandmother is 80 years old. 
How old were you when y
ou had your first daughter?
My mother is

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