Phycology test

今日はティーンクラス。Phycology test 心理テストで盛り上がりました。あなたが一番大切にしてるもの!?とか。英語で心理テストから学びました。
Tuesday teens 7.30-8.30pm - today we did some psychology and personality tests and learnt new words along the way.
Do you live near each other?
Do you live in the same town?
What is your favourite lesson/class at school? 
My favourite lesson is Japanese.
My favourite lesson is History.
What is your favourite food? My favourite food is kimchi. My favourite food is ramen. 
Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have one brother and one sister. I have two brothers. 
Are they older or younger than you? Younger.
What sports do you like to watch? I like to watch football/soccer. I like to watch badminton. I like to watch volleyball. 
What drinks do you want to drink?
What food do you want to eat?
What TV Programme do you want to watch?
What movie do you want to watch?
What country do you want to live/go/travel?
What book do you want to read?
What cake do you want to eat?
Which high school do you want to go?
Which cakes do you want to order?
What job do you want to do when you are an adult?
I haven't decided yet まだ決まっていない
I havent eaten dinner yet
I havent done my homework yet
I havent learnt it yet
I cannot forget my ex boyfriend yet 
I havent been to other country yet. 
What is your favourite TV? I like documentaries. My favourite TV show is drama. I like comedy. 
Where have you been in Japan? I started off in Fukuoka.
My day started off making breakfast.
How was your day started? 
My day started off studying for test.
My day started off eating breakfast. 
Psychology test 心理テスト
You are in a desert 砂漠 with 5 animals, a lion, a cow, a horse, a sheep and a monkey.
In order to escape エスケープ the desert, you have to let go of 1 animal. Which 1 do you let go?
Cow - food and money. I quit my job and sold my car.
Horse - Passion and dreams
Lion - pride 
Monkey - children / boyfriend / husband 
Sheep - family
Dessert デザート
Personality test 
You are walking with someone in a forest 森林, who is that person?
My friend
My brother
My boyfriend 
They are the most important person in your life
You met an animal whilst walking in the forest. What kind of animal was it?
Wild boar
The animal you met, is the size of the problem you have. Big animal - big problem. Sm

The English Club

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