13 th Nov. 10am session

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10am 13/11 Session Today we talked about shopping, cafes and Australian animals. We also learnt new words throughout the session. New words Describe: Can you please describe this for me Ferris wheel: Kobe’s ferris wheel lights up at night Mandarin: Beijing language is Mandarin Cantonese: Hongkong people speak Cantonese Crow: Crows go ‘kaw kaw’ Rarely: I rarely go overseas Countryside: I prefer countryside over the city Save: I will save my money in the bank Busier: I prefer busier city over quiet city Skyscraper: Skyscrapers are tall buildings Tiring: My husband’s work is very tiring Dialect: Toho area has a lot of different dialect How are you today? I am busy, after this class I will go to my daughter house. I have to look after my grandson. My grandson is in junior high school, he is grade 3.  He is 15 years old. Today, I cooked Japanese sweet. I brought to this place. Can you please describe this animal for me? This is Koala, they live in Australia. They look cute. Japanese zoo has koala in Aussie zoo in Kobe city Have you been to Kobe before? Last month I went to Kobe with my husband on an Ocean cruise. What do you recommend to do in Kobe? - Kobe tower Ferris wheel is beautiful and lights up Kobe city is famous for shoes There is famous hot spring - expensive hot springs Kobe has a china town How much is Kobe beef? Around 20,000$ You can get Kobe beef for cheaper in Chinatown. I went to Chinese restaurant in New York Do you parents come from China? I bought 7 pairs of Ugg boots when I went to Australia. They were half the price of Japanese Ugg boots. In Hokkaido I had a cat, dog, rabbit, chicken, sheep, goat and horse.  In Australia, it is very hot on Christmas. In Hokkaido it is -20 during Christmas. I lived in Hokkaido so I don’t like snow. There is 100m of snow in Hokkaido. Have you been to a concert before? I like folk songs, I saw musician called Iruka. I like Adele, lady gaga, Madonna, Justin Beiber and 5 seconds of Summer. In Australia, dentists have a lot of money.

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12.11 1pm session
Thank you so much for the food!!! It’s delicious!!!
Today we’ve talked about our hobbies, how to introduce ourselves, different flavors and different kinds of transportation, and shared food from Israeli and Japanese cultures 
My name is from the bible 
I’m 21 y/o 
y/o = years old 
Dining room
3 months ago 
You also teach english 
It’s very difficult
Hiragana is very difficult 
I’m a farmer 
I grow grapes
When it isn’t grape season, I usually travel 
How long ago
Junior high school 
Which one do you like more?
My sister is 3 years older than me 
Purse = wallet 
Tell me about… 
They are living in a different place 
How old are your sons?
I have 3 children
Jerusalem is the capital of israel 
National dishes 
Dish = food = meal 
I don’t like seafood 
In israel we don’t eat seafood 
Only fish
Do you think oysters are tasty?
This is tasty
This is delicious 
City hall 
There is a library inside the city hall
Who is your favorite singer?
Are they famous?
Which animal do you like best?
What kind of animals do you know?
I rented a bicycle 
To rent
When i went to kyushu i rented cars
You had a car shop?
Your husband drove the car 
For 3 years 
How come he lived in fukuoka?
How come = why
How come you came to japan?
How come do you like japan?
How come do you want to learn english?
Are you a native speaker?
What country did you like the best?
Japan is very safe 
When I was in Hong Kong, they had demonstrations 
There are many cops in tokyo 
I have been in japan for 1 month and a half
It was very expensive 
I think japan is the most expensive country in the world 
Travel and shopping 
Which countries have you traveled to?
The last one 
I prefer watching tv more than reading books 
Do you read books?
What kind of TV shows do you like to watch?
How many channels do you have on tv in japan?
there is a competition

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