Nov 13th7:30pm

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13.11 7:30pm session Today we’ve talked about adoption, earthquakes, accidents, discrimination, and adventures we had. We learned some important words such as: insurance, alive, fix, boring, to rob. Weekend You worked What do you work in? Day-off By accident By mistake In bizen city we have many wild deer You met a wild deer It’s very dangerous About 4 years ago, I bought a new car and after 1 month i hit the deer What happened to the deer? He was alive You car was broken You have to fix it Fix = repair Insurance It didn’t cost you money Today How much time to get there? 5 minutes by car By accident Golf-course Playing golf I called my father by accident. It is not common to adopt a child in japan. It is very common You want to adopt a child, which country would you adopt it from? Kids in africa are poor To suffer You already suffered My biggest adventure was serving in the army My life is boring Adventure movies Amusement park Have you ever been in danger? When i was snowboarding I got robbed Rob Feminism Men and women should be treated equally Discrimination Suit Piano Guitar Drums Violin Trumpet Flute I am going to sleep, I need privacy Many people In israel people invade your privacy You don’t think it’s important to have privacy When there is an earthquake Hide under the table My friend wants to play with you… hide if you don’t want to play! At working day, I eat breakfast at 8am You wake up very early I don’t like to wake up early Dinner is the most important for me because it makes me feel happy What do you like to eat In israel we eat for breakfast eggs with toast It is a typical breakfast in israel Options Tuna fish 650yen 900yen We have many brunch restaurants Brunch = breakfast and lunch I think kids should have censored websites Democracy Demoratic Japan is a democratic country Politics

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13.11 6:30pm session
Today we’ve talked about how to introduce ourselves and our family, we talked about our work, hobbies and culture and we learned some important words such as: universe, passed away, to meet, more than, and expensive. 
How many people are there in your family?
Beautiful place
electronic shop
I own an electric shop
How old are you?
You are young 
How old is your daughter?
Very close 
This is hinase 
Drive Family 
Seven people 
What is…
How long 
Passed away = died 
Not alive 
National dishes
What is a national dish?
Miso soup
How much does it cost?
Very expensive 
Not cheap
What do you like to do?
My hobby is snowboarding 
Reading books 
What is the universe
The universe 
where did you go?
This saturday 
New people 
Meeting new people 
I love different cultures 
To play basketball 
What is also?
I like singing also i love playing piano
I like watching movies, I also like to listen to the radio 
How long have you been dancing?
Every day?
Almost 4 times a week 
What exercise do you like best?
How about you?
No more 
3 years 
I met good friends 
Party = celebration 
The same 
Let’s make a sentence 
I go to a party with my friends 
I went to a party with my friend.
I want to go to a party 
2 months
How long will you stay in one 
1 month and a half 
1 + ½
Atomic bomb 
It was very sad 
What did you eat in hiroshima?
One time i eat okonomiyaki
I don’t like seafood 
Only ramen 
What did you eat in hinase?
I eat from the convenience store 
I don’t know how to cook
movie -theater 
Simple worker 
I like to watch movies 
I like movies more than tv shows
More than 
Let’s make a sentence 
I like coffee more than tea 
I like cats more than dogs 
I like soba more than udon 
I like ramen more than udon 
I liked high school 
What subject do you like?

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