Pray とPlay の違い。大きなちがい!

今日はなしてて、やっぱりネックになるのはR とLの違い。



今日はPlay 遊ぶとPray 祈るの違いに注目でした。


Pray - pray in the temple.

Play - play the guitar.

Do you want to

introduce yourself?

I was born in nineteen sixty one.

Accompany - I accompany the children on the bus.

Injured - My leg knee is injured.

50$ extra - I spent 50$ extra to bring the bike on the plane.

Why do you bike?

Many reasons - There are many reasons to bike.

Everywhere - We bike everywhere in Japan.

Freedom - Riding a bike gives you freedom.

Cheap - Expensive :

Opposite - cheap is the opposite of expensive.

How do you feel about Japan?

What do you think about Japan?

Helpful - Japanese people are very helpful to tourists.

Tent - I go camping in my tent

The English Club

The English Clubでは国際交流館としてゲストハウス、シェアハウス運営の他、岡山県備前市を中心に過疎化防止の為の地域再生、国籍、年齢、性別を超えて繋がる事の出来る国際交流事業を運営しています。


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