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Welcome Nicole! Tonight me and Nicole were asked some political questions: What do you think about brexit? What do you think about the trade war between the USA and China? Difficult to answer! Also tonight: Touch wood - said at the end of a statement to prevent anything bad from happening and usually followed by knocking your knuckles on something wooden (or your head haha!!) e.g. I hope I remembered to turn off the stove - touch wood Broken into - for someone to force entry without permission into a house or a building or a car and usually items stolen Put on the spot - you can be 'put on the spot' when someone asks you a question and your mind goes blank. You can feel 'put on the spot'. This is true if an embarrassing question is asked or if many people are waiting for a quick response from you E.g. I felt I was put on the spot today when I was asked to sing a solo in front of a large audience 2 minutes before the performance! E.g. What do you think about Brexit?? Not a question to ask during the holiday season (or in the pub) I think hahaha! To find your feet - to become settled or stable E.g. Since starting my dog grooming business 10 years ago, I have now found my feet E.g. Although I have been in Japan for 3 months, I have not found my feet. E.g. have you found your feet in your new job? How about finding your sea-legs.....this means to stop feeling seasick on a boat/ship. To find your sea-legs is to be comfortable with the swaying motion of the boat.

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